The After-Dark Trash Take Out

Even if you live in the big city, you still find yourself concerned about those simple tasks that have to take place after the sun goes down. If you’re like most Americans, and you forget to take the trash out until after dark, then you are no stranger to the mysteries that could be lurking in your own back yard. In order to overcome these, you’re going to need a source of reliable light, and what better way to light up your trash duties than with hands free LED power?

Panther Vision has many hands free LED models for you to choose from, but the most powerful is the POWERCAP. These are available in multiple hat designs, and illuminate the section of ground in front of you even better than if you were holding a flashlight. The POWERCAP rests on your head comfortably, allowing you to have both your hands free for whatever you need.

In this case, it’s for taking out the trash after dark! In the country, goodness only knows what is lurking about in your yard after dark. Your yard could easily hold a bear, a coyote, or even a mountain lion. You don’t even need to be out in the country to encounter one of these common animals. Residents of small towns and isolated housing projects report seeing these animals all the time. Even if you have never seen one of these predators, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t lurking in the shadows, watching you and your trash cans full of delicious smelling food scraps.

In the city, you aren’t immune from wildlife. We here at Panther Vision are all too familiar with opossums in our garbage cans and raccoons lurking in the shadows around our landscaping. You may even see a fox, especially in the city, where food scraps are plentiful and hunting is easy. Because of this, taking out the trash after dark requires a good source of light.

Unless you happen to keep your trash on the front side of your home, this means a long trek around your house in order to drag the filled cans to the curb. This long trek is dark, and easily filled with danger. In order to keep both hands on the trash can, you will need a source of hands free LED light to see where you are going.

The POWERCAP from Panther Vision is designed with two small LED lights in the front of the bill. With plenty of light available, you will be able to see not only the ground in front of your feet, but a good ways ahead of you as well. As you work your way through the landscape to your front yard, you will know what is ahead of you. The light from these hats follows your eyes as you move your head around, ensuring you’ll never trip over a child’s toy in the darkness and spill your trash can again!

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