Solar Certainty Leads The Way In Outdoor Gear

When it comes to your stash of outdoor gear, light sources are something that you should always be concerned about. When your family is planning to spend a week camping in one of the major national forests, you know that the entire point of the vacation is to stay as far away from civilization as possible.

If you want a chance at having everything that your family needs with you, then you are either going to need to buy a truckload of batteries, or invest in a solar headlamp unit that you can depend on. With Panther Vision’s solar headlamp hat, you can know that you have enough light to keep your family’s path illuminated all evening long, simply by wearing your hat during the day.

When you are depending on outdoor gear, you need to know that you can depend on the charge that a solar unit receives during the day. Those solar cells need to pull in enough light from the sun to make a real statement if you’re going to depend on them once the sun goes down. We’ve all seen those 97 cents solar yard lights, and the pitiful amount of light that they put out.

Well, Panther Vision’s solar headlamp hat isn’t anything like those pitiful solar systems on those yard lights! It’s solar cells are designed to work as efficiently as possible, and the light from the LEDs is as bright as their battery powered units. For outdoor gear, you really can’t ask for better solar efficiency than equivalent power to battery powered units of similar style.

The light from the solar headlamp hat will provide you with all of the light that you need for personal use while camping. When you’re trying to find something in the tent late at night, or while you’re walking to the bathhouse to brush your teeth before bed, the light produced by the solar headlamp hat will illuminate a wide swath of the ground in front of you, and follow your head wherever you happen to turn it.

With this piece of outdoor gear on the head of every member of your family, you may not need to rely on lanterns at all on your annual family camping trip. You can rest easy, knowing that your family members each have their own personal source of light that will follow their head movements and keep the path ahead of them well lit. Omnidirectional lanterns that shine in the eyes and don’t seem to focus light anywhere that they should will be a thing of the past!

Most importantly, your family won’t have to always have a free hand to carry around the lantern or the flashlight anymore. You can use your hands for better tasks, such as carrying shower items, hauling firewood, or wielding bear repellant. You’ll never again have to choose between light and something important or worry about batteries again once you outfit your entire family with solar headlamp hats.

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