Get a Flashlight That Is Built to Last

When you buy a “cheap” flashlight, you get “cheap” flashlight that may not work when you need it, will likely break if dropped and won’t last. Better to buy a flashlight that provides good “value”. Value is getting the most for your money and not necessarily spending the least. You need a flashlight that is durable and built with good quality materials. By paying a little extra for a well made flashlight, you can be sure that it will last you a very long time. Stop wasting money and purchase a flashlight that will work when you need it. If you need a flashlight for work, hunting, fishing, camping, or just in case of an emergency, you need to have a reliable flashlight that will withstand almost any element.

What You Should Look for in a Flashlight

Durability – Look for a well-built flashlight that has the features below to make sure you end up with a durable flashlight.
Design/Grip – Look for something with a textured pistol grip to avoid it slipping out of your hand.
High Performance LEDs – Look for Cree® LED’s as they are some of the brightest and most reliable on the market
Waterproof – Look for Water Proof to at least 1M, not Water Resistant
Shockproof – Look for Shockproof to at least 3M for good durability

Durable and Long Lasting

You can buy a Panther Vision flashlight that is waterproof, shockproof, and made with a tactical polymer pistol grip and aircraft aluminum body. These flashlights are made to be more flat so they won’t roll around and will fit easily in your pocket and are built to last. Plus with this unique design you can store them almost anywhere. These durable flashlights have a quad battery configuration and high performance CREE® LED’s.

Types of Safety Lights

Regardless of where you are, safety lights are all around us. They are heavily utilized in a number of different situations to protect us from potential harm. Safety lights serve many different purposes; they are often used for roadway repair and construction, in public buildings and on athletic and industrial attire.

Roadway Repair

Safety lights are often relied upon by individuals working in the construction and building industries to protect them from harm. Road construction can be extremely dangerous for both workers and drivers, alike. Safety lights – including LED barricade lights, traffic cone lights and traffic flashers – alert oncoming traffic that there is a worksite up ahead that may pose potential driving risks. A safety light in these types of situations help to keep workers safe from oncoming cars passing through the worksite, as well as warn drivers who may be traveling too fast for posted conditions. Safety lights can also be attached to the clothing of a construction or roadside worker to alert others that they are part of the worksite crew. Headlamps – another type of safety light – are often used by those working in this type of industry, as well. These safety lights provide a convenient, hands-free option that enables them to better operate in the dark.

Public Buildings

You have probably never even noticed how many safety lights are all around us, all of the time. Safety lights – which come in all different shapes and sizes – infiltrate many of the public buildings that we frequent during our normal day-to-day routine. Most of us have probably never even noticed or taken into account the important role these lights play in protecting us from danger. Take, for instance, exit lights. Exit lights are an important safety light that are used in virtually every public building – from movie theaters, to industrial buildings and government centers. If there was ever an emergency – such as a fire, for instance – the bright red exit lights would illuminate our nearest exit and help us escape free from harm. Safety lights in public buildings are critical in ensuring our protection.


In addition to safety lights being used for construction and in public buildings, safety lights are commonly attached to athletic attire to help protect those who utilize our roadways, parks and sidewalks for recreational purposes. There are many different types of safety lights that can be attached directly to a jacket or shirt; as well as to the head of a bike, to a pair of sneakers or on the seat of a small, motorized vehicle to help make athletes and other individuals more visible. There are a wide range of safety lights for pets, too. These can be attached to collars, or small jackets, to help make pets more visible to oncoming traffic, as well.

A Waterproof Flashlight Design

What’s the first thing to go in a flood or really bad storm? More often than not in an emergency, electricity is the first thing to fail. This is why almost every emergency preparedness kit comes complete with batteries and a flashlight. There are flashlights that can be wound up and take no batteries at all and there are the ones you can find for $5 at the tool store, but the light source from these products is weak and the construction is usually bulky and subpar. Most cell phones come with a flashlight feature, but the light source isn’t good for anything more than five feet in front of you. And if you do use your phone as a flashlight, you run the risk of dropping it or draining your battery when really you should be conserving your battery for making emergency phone calls. What you need in your emergency kit is a waterproof flashlight.

A Light That Can Stand Up To the Elements

Waterproof flashlights are not just water resistant, they are waterproof for up to a meter, which should be more than enough if you drop it in a flooded basement, off the side of a boat, or are walking through a particularly nasty storm in an emergency situation. Most flashlights are designed with the traditional cylindrical handles with the wider round bulbs, and some are the bigger and bulkier flashlights that look like a plastic coffee container with a handle. Both are outdated and inefficient. Older flashlights are heavy and inefficient because of the construction, bulb size, and batteries required. If you think about how much light your phone can produce, it should be no surprise that a flashlight can produce a significant light source without the aid of eight C-batteries.

Feels like a Phone, Shines like A Lamp

The best part about newer, waterproof flashlights is that they are being completely redesigned. Instead of the bulky, classic look, flashlight innovators are using a thinner, more compact shape that are like a thicker, more durable cell phone with a tactical polymer pistol grip.

A Flashlight Fit for the Future

But how is it that a flashlight can be waterproof? With a sealed high/low tactile switch and O-ring sealed plugs, that’s how. By applying what engineers have learned from waterproof housing for cameras and more efficient car motors, flashlights are now finally catching up with technology. Your best bet for keeping you and your loved ones safe and making sure you’re prepared for the worst is to invest a little extra money and time into finding the most efficient and well built flashlight on the market.

Reading Glasses That Eliminate The Need For A Reading Light

Finding time to read when you were young was so easy, and many long for that feeling again. There was so much time to read the classics, learn about the history that so fascinates you now, and indulge in the fantasies that seem to keep getting pushed to the bottom of your book list. Finding time to read is difficult for many of us, and most of us either catch up on our reading on vacation, when the kids are doing their homework (usually while we wait for the water to boil), or just before going to sleep.

Reading in bed can be a luxury. It’s why we try and get a head start on getting the kids to bed or why you decide to stay in on the weekend. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as curling up with a good book and reading until your eyes won’t stay open anymore. The problem with reading in bed is being troubled with the thought of disturbing your partner by keeping the bedroom light on.

The Reading Monster That Goes Bump In The Night

How many times have you been unable to sleep and reach for your bedside light and knock over a book or glass of water? How about trying to adjust your reading light so it doesn’t shine in your partner’s direction only to be reading in an awkward, cramped position all night? Reading while your significant other is trying to sleep can be difficult, and sometimes even discourage you from reading altogether.

Reading glasses with lights are a great solution to this problem. These products are self-explanatory; they are reading glasses equipped with hidden LED lights built-into the glasses’ frames. These glasses are the solution you’ve been waiting for and your key to endless hours of reading and relaxation, guilt-free.

The Thirsty Reading Monster That Doesn’t Go Bump In The Night

What’s better than reading until midnight? Midnight snacks while you are reading, of course! Getting up to get a glass of water or to make a snack has never been easier or more covert with your light-equipped reading glasses. Don’t forget, in addition to giving you light to read, these lights can also illuminate your path as you walk. And, just to be sure you don’t leave any crumbs in the bed, you can curl up in any chair in the house with your portable lighting system. Reading glasses with lights come in many styles and patterns and can be used on planes, at the theater or in the car.

Want your own pair of reading glasses with lights? Visit Panther Vision online at to browse all our LED-equipped products, from glasses, to hats, to other portable lighting solutions.

A Novice’s Guide to Hunting Gear

Hunting is a sport that is admired by many. It requires great skill; understanding the behaviors and habits of potential prey, as well as knowing how to use each piece of equipment properly and precisely. If you are a novice hunter who is looking to get started in the sport, there are a few things you need to know prior to going outside and getting started. One of the most important things to consider is your hunting gear. Are you adequately covered? Here are a few tips to help you ensure you have the appropriate gear to hunt like an expert.


There a number of companies that specialize in making long-lasting, affordable and durable hunting apparel – each toting a different asset that will help you become a bigger and better hunter. With so many options, how do you know which outfit will best suit your needs? When selecting hunting apparel, there are a few things to consider. Depending on the level of hunting you are going to perform, it is important to purchase items with scent blocking materials. These are especially helpful when you are hot on the trail of potential prey. These items, in particular, help block the natural scent of hunters from the prey – enabling you to get up close and personal with your opposition. It is also important to purchase items that provide all-weather protection. You want to make sure that if you are going to be outside for long periods of time, that you are protected against the elements. It is best to select clothing that will not only keep you warm, but will keep you protected from the sun, water and bugs, as well.


While hunting apparel is certainly important, purchasing the right boots is critical. Outside of you gun or bow, your shoes are perhaps one of the most important purchases you will make as a beginner hunter. Hunters often spend long hours walking through the woods – treading through water, mud, sticks, stones and over a number of other natural elements that have the potential to wreak havoc on your feet. To prevent sores and blisters from forming, it is important to purchase strong, sturdy and durable boots that will give you lasting comfort and protection.


Purchasing an appropriate hunting hat is key. Hunting hats come in a wide range of sizes and colors; offering unbeatable protection against the sun, wind and rain. Many of them are camouflaged – providing hunters with the ability to blend in with their surroundings while out on the prowl. LED lighted hats are a great option for young hunters, as they provide long-lasting luminosity that is sure to be useful in unfamiliar areas or while hunting at night. A good hunting hat is essential to the success of a novice hunter.