Mechanics New Best Friends

Whether you’re an everyday mechanic or working on your car at home the same problems always tend to arise. Not being able to see what you are doing, not having a free hand for the task, and rust and grime falling into your eyes are situations that are hard to avoid.

LIGHTSPECS Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses as well as general use POWERCAPS make for the perfect tandem to eliminate these negative situations, and allow for a safe and efficient repair of a vehicle.

LIGHTSPECS Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses

We are always told to protect our eyes at all costs, but many times ignore situations that make our eyes most vulnerable.   Grime and rust falling from above while working below a car can pose a serious threat but LIGHTSPECT Safety Glasses bring safety to our eyes while shinning two LED lights forward to provide light to what you are working on.


Couple the LIGHTSPEC Safety Glasses with a general or high-performance POWERCAP and you can add 2-4 more LED lights to your force making any dark spot on the car come to light. Like the safety glasses, the lights are forward mounted to provide light to the direction your face is pointing. No more need to constantly move and adjust lights all around the vehicle.

Add safety to your next car repair, and complete it in ease by adding these two hands free LED products!

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