Making Life Easier After Dark

With all the technology of today, the world is definitely changing. One of the few things that has not changed, though, is the love for the four legged members of the family. No matter where you live, in the city or the country, walking after dark with our pets is a must. One of the wonderful new creations that allows for more safety is the Power LED Solutions, Navigator Caps.

Safety is of the utmost importance when out after dark. Lighting the path can definitely aid in your safety. These cap lights provide you with hands-free lighting and the red light helps to provide night vision in the dark. The convenience of not having to hand carry a flashlight while walking can definitely be an asset if there is a problem.

At night, a lot of people have impaired vision. Walking your pet after dark can definitely present a challenge for many pet owners. Not being able to see well in the dark, can present such problems as stepping off the curb or tripping on an unleveled sidewalk.

The biggest potential problem though, is other people. Whether it be someone driving a car or another pedestrian, there is always potential danger. Safety should be of great importance, no matter if you are crossing the street or just walking.

According to where you live, you can also encounter nighttime critters which can be a distraction for your pet. Raccoons, opossums or other pets can be more easily seen with a navigator cap. Other hazards such as sharp objects, rocks or glass, which may not be visible in the dark, can be more easily seen.

Always remember to take extra precautions at night if you are out walking your pet. Always stay aware of the movements and noise around you and be prepared to move quickly if necessary. This is not to say that you should walk in fear, but be aware. Always be aware of your surroundings.

If you are walking on the sidewalk, always walk toward the traffic. Wear lighter colored clothes if possible. Last but not least, make sure you have your cell phone with you in case of emergency.

These caps provide you with up to 35 hours of continuous battery life with the included CR-2032 lithium coin cell batteries, which are easily replaceable. The caps come in a one size fits most and has adjustable hooks and loop closures.

So, if you are one of those people who walk your pets at night, make certain that you take every safety measure possible. Wear your Navigator Cap for light, be attentive, and be safe.

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