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Mechanics New Best Friends

Whether you’re an everyday mechanic or working on your car at home the same problems always tend to arise. Not being able to see what you are doing, not having a free hand for the task, and rust and grime falling into your eyes are situations that are hard to avoid. LIGHTSPECS Vindicator Lighted Safety […]

LED lit head-gear is here to stay!

The human being is a societal animal that constantly seeks convenience and comfort. We push machines to achieve maximum mechanical capacity to work at optimum efficiency. We stretch the boundaries of technological innovation. We pursue medicine to eliminate disease, design electronics to minimize human error and involvement, study and quickly rewrite history to benefit from […]

The Chief Advantages Of Wearing Safety Glasses With LED Lights

We have come a very long way from the old times. Over a period, many inventions and technological improvements have been made to ensure man’s safety under all circumstances. Gone are the days when you had to face hardships while working in poor light, while walking on badly lit streets, while hunting in the woods […]

The benefits of using LED safety glasses

A study conducted in the United States shows that eye injuries are very common in the country with almost 2.5 million eye accidents happening every year and about 50,000 – 20% – of them culminating in partial or total vision loss. This is indeed a staggering figure. The notable and unfortunate aspect about these eye […]