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Panther Vision Book Light

People who enjoy reading after dark often find themselves fighting with old fashioned book lights. Every time you turn the page, you have to readjust the light, and it never seems to illuminate the far corner of the page correctly. Those lights make the book itself heavy, and the battery runs down too quickly. The […]

Hands-Free Lighting with Style

People today have busy and active lifestyles that mean they are often relegated to doing activities before dawn or after sunset. Because of the low light or no light situations, people need additional light to do these activities. Additionally, when people are working on home improvement projects, cars, or craft projects, they need additional light, […]

LED Performance Lighted Hats: Panther Vision and Outdoor Adventure

Are you an adventurous outdoorsman? Do you count the days until hunting season begins, or your next camping trip? With the Panther Vision POWERCAP LED Lighted Hat, your trips into the wild just got easier. Imagine walking through the woods on opening day of deer season, before the sun has risen, and being guided by […]