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Five Uses for a Safety Bug

Technology has come a long way in the past decade, some advances have been huge while others are small but have had a big impact. Take for instance the light emitting diode, or LED for short. LED’s have been around for many years, in fact they were first created in 1962 but have only recently […]

The Chief Advantages Of Wearing Safety Glasses With LED Lights

We have come a very long way from the old times. Over a period, many inventions and technological improvements have been made to ensure man’s safety under all circumstances. Gone are the days when you had to face hardships while working in poor light, while walking on badly lit streets, while hunting in the woods […]

The benefits of using LED safety glasses

A study conducted in the United States shows that eye injuries are very common in the country with almost 2.5 million eye accidents happening every year and about 50,000 – 20% – of them culminating in partial or total vision loss. This is indeed a staggering figure. The notable and unfortunate aspect about these eye […]