Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why You Need an LED Cap

You probably have a collection of caps you wear to your favorite games or simply when you’re out and about. However, have you ever imagined that a cap would be more than a stylish accessory? If you’re an outdoors person, you can turn your stylish accessory into a real practical solution with an LED lighted […]

LED Hat Uses

You want to accomplish an urgent DIY task with both your hands but also need focused lighting, so what do you do? Well, fret not because you’ve got the perfect solution in an LED hat. It allows you to free up your hands to get the task done properly seeing that you don’t have to […]

Get Crafty With Lighted Reading Glasses

When you need daylight output beamed right where you want, lighted reading glasses are what you need. You can’t do without reading, but sometimes you may find yourself in places or situations where the lighting is too dim to allow for good reading. Lighted reading glasses provide an amazingly bright light that is targeted only […]