Tips for Buying the Best Flashlight

All sorts of professions and hobbies require a strong, durable flashlight. From hunting to camping, working as a police officer or a fisherman, many need to have a flashlight that they can count on at all times. However, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for when you are buying a flashlight. When you just need a basic in-home emergency flashlight, it is simple enough to buy one, but it becomes more complicated for a durable option.

Below are some tips to help you determine the best option based off of your flashlight needs:

Budget: The first question you need to ask yourself is how much money you are willing to pay. With flashlights, the more you spend, truly, the better quality it is. Decent flashlights will start at around $25.00, but can be much more expensive. Features such as waterproofing, durability, and more, will affect how much it is.

Size: What size do you want? Consider where you will be bringing your flashlight, and if you need it to fit in certain spots. How heavy can the flashlight acceptably be? Further than size, it is important to note that there are different degrees of durability, though size isn’t always a factor in durability.

Power and Light: Though you know the power source is from a battery, there are even considerations within this. Do you want to have to replace the batteries or do you want to be able to recharge them? There is less power behind standard batteries, but they are much easier to find than a special battery. In addition, always look at the lumens the flashlight has. The more lumens, the brighter; however, over sixty lumens may cause temporary blindness!

Finding the perfect durable flashlight for your needs is harder than it sounds! Not only do you have to find one that is the perfect size and shape, but has the right power and lumens. Panther Vision can help you find the right option.

Revolutionizing the Flashlight

Modern technology continues to change and shape every aspect of our lives, and this is true for even the flashlight. Most people have a flashlight in their homes and cars, and many of these are probably still the traditional models with incandescent bulbs and multiple bulky batteries. The problem with these models is that the amount of light given off isn’t usually very strong. Also, the batteries don’t last very long and tend to let you down just when you need them most. If it’s not the batteries, sometimes it’s the bulb that needs replacing. All of this is now very different if you look at new LED models – some of which are quite ground-breaking in their design.

The advantages of an LED flashlight

LED stands for light emitting diodes. These LED lights are particularly bright and use less power consumption than traditional bulbs. These flashlights are generally smaller and are therefore easier to carry. New models are not nearly as bulky and heavy, because they don’t need to accommodate large batteries, making them particularly easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

Choosing an LED flashlight

If you’re looking for a simple, low-tech flashlight, you can find some that are very inexpensive. However, these will be cheaply manufactured and they will have a very short shelf life, which is not ideal for most. You need to decide what features are the most important for your flashlight to have. For example, would it be useful if it were small and portable for camping? Would you like the flashlight to be extra bright for night hiking? Figuring out when and where you will be using your flashlight most often will help you choose the right one.

The Lumens of the flashlight will be determined by the normal use you’ll need it for. Cheaper lights usually have multiple LEDs, while a higher quality flashlight will often have only one, powerful LED. This helps in offering a stronger beam. You would also need to consider the batteries you’d use and whether these would be disposable or rechargeable.

If you’re making an investment in a good flashlight, you’d check on the soldering and other aspects of its manufacture. If the flashlight is in a sturdy, waterproof casing, you’ll already be considering a more advanced model. Some plastic flashlights are available and are inexpensive, but these seldom stand the test of time. When you are looking for a durable flashlight, check out Panther Vision. We have a huge variety and experts that can help you determine the best flashlight for your needs.

What Can You Use Headlamps For?

When you think of headlamps what do you think of? You may think of miners, construction workers, and not much else. However, these lights are actually very versatile and you likely have not had an opportunity to think about how helpful they could be in your everyday life. They are a great hands free option for a wide range of activities. There are many situations where you could benefit from having this type of lighting, such as camping, running, hiking, hunting, fishing, outdoor work, and basic safety.

Camping – Keeping your gear down to a minimum really matters when you are camping. If you do not need to carry a bulky flashlight, that helps keep the bulk down and frees up both hands, which can really help during many camping activities.

Running -If you run at dusk or dawn, having a reliable light on you makes it easier for others to see you and certainly makes it easier for you to see. No one wants to carry a flashlight while they are running; a headlamp can transform your nightly running routine!

Hiking -The woods can get dim at times, even on the brightest of days. This type of light can make sure there are no missteps because you cannot see the next step. Similar to camping, it is great to have a hands-free option, especially in wooded areas you are unfamiliar with.

Fishing -Early fishing is a great time to get out and fish, but not if you cannot see your tackle. This lighting offers focused light where you need it, leaving you free to set up the fishing pole and focus on catching fish.

Outdoor Work -Working in the yard or working at your job there are always time you could use some extra light but do not want to put your tools down to get it. From simple yard work to more extensive home renovation, there are many people who do not have time until it is already dark out.

Safety -This lighting option can keep you safe in a range of situations, from changing a tire on the side of the road at night to taking a stroll around your neighborhood at dusk.

There are many benefits to having this type of lighting source. A headlamp is a great way to ensure proper light while still being hands-free. Panther Vision offers a wide range of personal lighting options that can help you to light your way!

Benefits of a Lighted Hunting Hat

There are three benefits of a lighted hunting hat, including safe movement, being hands free, and the fact that it is there when you need it. When you are hunting, you need to have both hands free, yet you also need to be able to see. With a lighted hunting hat, you will be able to have both.

Safe Movement

One of the biggest concerns when hunting is being able to move about safely. In some instances, that safe movement is hampered by the lack of sufficient lighting. Having a lighted hat that you can flip on and off when you need it can ensure that the path that you are traveling is lit enough to avoid trips and falls. When you are able to walk around safely, along with move about quietly, you will be able to be a better hunter.

Hands Free Lighting

Traditional flashlights are not really an option when you are out hunting because you need to have your hands free for obvious reasons. Carrying a flashlight around will only hamper your hunting. A lighted hat means that not only will you not have to carry anything, but you won’t have to set anything down, which can scare away prey if you are too noisy.

How Many Times Have You Wished for More Light?

You likely cannot count how many times you wished you had more light in a hunting situation. For most hunters, the number of times that they needed more light is every time they were out in the field. The right light can make a huge difference in the outcome of your expedition. With a lighted hunting hat, combined with our light technology, your hunting experience will only become more successful.

If you hunt, you need a hunting cap that is lighted. They are easy to use, super convenient, and can make a huge difference in your experience. Stop fumbling around with a flashlight when you should be paying attention to what is up ahead. Check out the options available at Panther Vision!

Get a Flashlight That Is Built to Last

When you buy a “cheap” flashlight, you get “cheap” flashlight that may not work when you need it, will likely break if dropped and won’t last. Better to buy a flashlight that provides good “value”. Value is getting the most for your money and not necessarily spending the least. You need a flashlight that is durable and built with good quality materials. By paying a little extra for a well made flashlight, you can be sure that it will last you a very long time. Stop wasting money and purchase a flashlight that will work when you need it. If you need a flashlight for work, hunting, fishing, camping, or just in case of an emergency, you need to have a reliable flashlight that will withstand almost any element.

What You Should Look for in a Flashlight

Durability – Look for a well-built flashlight that has the features below to make sure you end up with a durable flashlight.
Design/Grip – Look for something with a textured pistol grip to avoid it slipping out of your hand.
High Performance LEDs – Look for Cree® LED’s as they are some of the brightest and most reliable on the market
Waterproof – Look for Water Proof to at least 1M, not Water Resistant
Shockproof – Look for Shockproof to at least 3M for good durability

Durable and Long Lasting

You can buy a Panther Vision flashlight that is waterproof, shockproof, and made with a tactical polymer pistol grip and aircraft aluminum body. These flashlights are made to be more flat so they won’t roll around and will fit easily in your pocket and are built to last. Plus with this unique design you can store them almost anywhere. These durable flashlights have a quad battery configuration and high performance CREE® LED’s.