Things to Look For in a Book Light Supplier

For most people, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and reading for hours.  In some cases, the atmosphere that you read in can be hazardous to your eyes, especially if it is dimly lit. It is important that you are getting the light you need to read properly. Book lights are available to ensure you always have the light you need. The following are a few things that you need to look for in a supplier for your Book Light needs.


For most people, a reasonable price is essential when shopping for any item, including a book light. You will have to do some research to get a high quality book light that fits your budget. Take a look at suppliers’ websites to check out pricing. The time that it takes to do this research will be worth it in the end.


Yet another important thing that you need to look for in a light supplier is the level of selection. You want to make sure that you have a wide array of book lights because this will help to ensure that you get exactly what you want. You also need to ensure that the lights that you need are in stock and do not have to be ordered.

Enjoy your favorite book without straining your eyes. Check out the clip-on reading lights  and LightSpecs® lighted reading glasses  available from Panther Vision. These LED lights perfectly illuminate the area you need to see, for an affordable price! LightSpecs® reading glasses come in a variety of fashion frames suitable for men or women and make the perfect gift for the avid reader on your list.

Portable Lights: An Overview of Various Light Sources

Light is necessary for just about everything we do in our daily lives. Imagine trying to cook, clean, or work without light. Portable light sources can be extremely useful for hobbies and as a backup in case of a blackout or other emergency situation. There a few portable light sources that will work well in any kind of setting:

• Flashlights
• Lanterns
• Clip-on Lights
• Lighted Hats

Any of these will make good choices. Keep reading for more information about each option.

Flashlights and Lanterns
A lantern is a stable platform that contains a single light and usually a hood or spotlight of some kind to disperse the light it gives off. It usually comes with a handle so it can be carried around, and generally runs off a large number of batteries to maintain the bright light that it gives off.

A flashlight is a lot like a lantern with the exception being that it is design specifically for being carried around easily. It doesn’t have the hood to disperse the light like a lantern but they tend to act more small spotlights. They also use batteries but usually in smaller quantities than the lantern.

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Clip-On Lights
These lights are small and powerful LEDs. Clip-on lights come in all shapes and sizes but the vast majority of them are small enough to fit into a pocket. They usually run on smaller batteries and can be attached via magnets or strong alligator clips, making them the perfect accessory for someone who needs a small portable light source at their disposal, but cannot be bothered with some of the more cumbersome units available.

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Lighted Hats
One of the more unique forms of a portable light source is the various head ware with lights ingrained into their design. A common example is a standard miner’s hard hat with a light on the front; however, today you can purchase baseball style caps and beanies with similar light technology! These give you the convenience of being able to see in the dark while having your hands free.

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Whether you like to hunt, fish, run, read or more, Panther Vision has convenient light sources to meet your needs! Check out our online shop today!

Night Fishing With Panther Vision

The boat is packed with all of your gear, your poles are ready, and everyone is anxious to get onto the water. At first everything is going great with no interruptions, but at some point you’ll need a new lure, a line restrung, or you may just need to navigate around the boat. That’s when you’ll realize the one thing you didn’t pack enough of:  light!

The POWERCAP presents fishers with a safe, effective and most importantly hands-free lighting device that will ALWAYS be with you. No longer will you need to stumble to find the dim flashlight with a dying battery or have multiple people huddled around the boat’s only source of light. Simply click the switch to toggle through the LED light options that come with your cap, and a steady high-powered stream of light will let you complete the task at hand with ease.

Don’t take our word for it though; check out one of our video reviews!

Mechanics New Best Friends

Whether you’re an everyday mechanic or working on your car at home the same problems always tend to arise. Not being able to see what you are doing, not having a free hand for the task, and rust and grime falling into your eyes are situations that are hard to avoid.

LIGHTSPECS Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses as well as general use POWERCAPS make for the perfect tandem to eliminate these negative situations, and allow for a safe and efficient repair of a vehicle.

LIGHTSPECS Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses

We are always told to protect our eyes at all costs, but many times ignore situations that make our eyes most vulnerable.   Grime and rust falling from above while working below a car can pose a serious threat but LIGHTSPECT Safety Glasses bring safety to our eyes while shinning two LED lights forward to provide light to what you are working on.


Couple the LIGHTSPEC Safety Glasses with a general or high-performance POWERCAP and you can add 2-4 more LED lights to your force making any dark spot on the car come to light. Like the safety glasses, the lights are forward mounted to provide light to the direction your face is pointing. No more need to constantly move and adjust lights all around the vehicle.

Add safety to your next car repair, and complete it in ease by adding these two hands free LED products!

Safer Candlelight Vigils with LED Lights

When a loved one passes away, people will band together and often hold a candlelight vigil. While everyone holding a candle and praying together can be visually stunning, there is still a concern for safety. When the candles are finally blown out, the darkness rolls back in and the group can be put at risk.

Providing people with a clip on light can help to ensure that the event is safer. These lights can be turned off during the candlelight ceremony and then turned back on so that vehicles in the neighborhood and so that the ground remains illuminated for everyone. This will help to reduce the dangers that can be associated with these events, while ensuring that everyone can have a safe and positive experience.

At the same time, those wearing these lights can also turn on the light and share their memories with everyone else. That way, they can be seen before and after the candles are put out. That can enhance the experience that everyone has and so that those sharing their stories can be focused on and given respect. The possibilities are endless and these tools can easily be tied into the ceremony that you are participating in.

There is no denying that the candlelight vigil remains an event that shows respect and compassion for a victim. When you go to celebrate their life, consider utilizing the clip on LED light to ensure that you remain safe while you are out in the darkness.